Thursday, May 19, 2011

Today Reminded Me Why I Live in Key West

    Looking out over the Gulf of Mexico this morning as I was opening up the office reminded me how lucky I was being able to live in such a paradise and never had to leave the United States to do it.     Key West is a great quirky key that allows people to relax and really enjoy life at a pace that suits them.     This morning as I walked a little white dog that we are watching this week for a friend I kept thinking of how really fun this place is.     I can jump in the dinghy and cruise out to mangrove keys that are totally uninhabited except by birds and fish or I can walk around the island and visit friends and very colorful places.

     I think the part that I enjoy as much as anything is my work at the Rum Bar.    I get to meet and talk with people that are from all over the world and learn of the different cultures that make up this world and even more interest are the local that frequent the bar.     Everyone has a story of how they got here and why.     This is a never ending string of stories and adventures that brought them to Key West.    Throw in the tourists and all the reasons they have to tear up their return flight ticket and stay and you are beginning to see the draw of this magical little key.      I guess it is because it seems to keep me smiling most of the time and having a seriously fun way of living day to day.     If you are wondering why you aren't here today, you are not alone, you just have to make up your mind to start living and do something about it in a full out rumstylin' way.     ;o)