Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas in the Caribbean

     I love the Caribbean during Christmas season, we replace white snow of the frozen north with white sand.  Naturally, White Bay, Jost Van Dyke, BVI comes to mind immediately.   There is something about this place that is really magic.    Yesterday as I made what seemed like my thousandth "Painkiller", I started thinking about the beautiful white sands of White Bay and the Soggy Dollar Bar.  

     You can have your freezing "White Christmas", I'll take this time of year at a balmy 75 degrees on the white sands of the Caribbean make a great "White Christmas" for me.

     Of course Christmas would not be right with out a fine cocktail with the aroma of nutmeg in your hand to enjoy.  Being that you are at the home of the "Painkiller", it is only right that you wander up the beach and see Mic at the Soggy Dollar Bar.  You can have one custom made just for you while you watch.   Of course, there is the next question as to where do I go to enjoy the wonderful beverage, beach, hammock, or even the ocean.    So many choices so little time, I leave it up to you to figure out.

     Let me see, who needs presents, this is all the present I really need.  I think that this might be a great time to head for the hammocks and just take it easy and watch the tides ebb and flow.   The palm trees provide all the color I need naturally, I really don't need those sparkling lights to give me a warm Christmas spirit, the painkiller takes care of it just fine.

     I guess that I'm still dreaming again, because I just woke up here in my office writing a blog instead of sipping painkillers on the white sands of Jost Van Dyke.     It is funny what starts your mind traveling to fun and far away places.  

     I guess the ability to day dream is a really calming thing and something that is always fun.  I'm here in paradise, but I still get to dream of being in another paradise just a little bit further south.  ;o)