Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The East End of Grand Cayman

     We arrived safe and sound on Grand Cayman after a wonderful flight, cleared Immigration and Customs  then off to pick-up the rental car.  We were off on a new adventure.  It took us about an hour to drive from Georgetown through the little villages of the southern Cayman coast to The Reef Resort.    This is a great end of the island, it is peaceful and quiet with a prevailing wind that keeps everything cool and comfortable outside.   Wonderfully natural place with  just enough of the convinces to be comfortable.

    First stop after check in, the Tiki Bar and a chance to try a couple of good local rums.    
Governor's Reserve is a really nice rum that is made here on the island by the Seven Fathoms Distillery is a really nice gold or spiced rum.    The Tiki Bar has a small cask they keep on the bar filled with spice rum that is aging waiting to be enjoyed.   It is really neat to have your rum drawn from a cask on the bar.  It really adds a feeling of being a pirate in a remote island.   It feels this way anyway because we are so far from the rest of the world.

     The evening was a lot of fun sipping Havana Club Seven Year Old Rum and chatting with the really fun and friendly barman.   It was a pleasure to enjoy the fine flavor of Havana Club Rum, a libation we are deprived of by our government of the "free" in America.   Enough of my political comments and back to the fun.   Sitting at a Tiki Bar watching the waves ebb and flow sipping rum, It just doesn't get any better.   ;o)