Thursday, February 9, 2012

Malibu has a New Spin for the Winter

     Malibu has a newly released coconut rum with the coconut f;akes that look like a winter snow storm.     This congers up memories of the snowy orbs that I got as a kid, you know the ones you shake up and watch the snow fall on the village.    This one you shake up your cocktail and watch the snow flakes fall to the bottom of the glass and you get to enjoy them later.

     Malibu Winter Edition has added flakes of real coconut into the mix, giving you snow in the Caribbean effect for your cocktails.    The great thing about this is that you still get your favorite Malibu Coconut flavor with the added treat of real coconut floating in suspension.   Great idea, reminds me of the drinks we make with rum and coconut water and the pieces of coconut float throughout the cocktail.

     If you are of the coconut rum persuasion, Malibu Winter Edition is a geat little rum that brings you to the Caribbean in the middle of a snow storm of fine coconut flavor.   Enjoy your experience with the Winter Edition of Mailbu Rum.   ;o)