Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Varied Moods of the Sea

Absolutely beautiful as she awakens in the morning
    My world is surrounded by water.  I find it to be a very warm and wonderful place in which to live.   "Mother Mother Ocean" as Jimmy Buffett says in his song, I think best describes her.  She is a lady of beauty, strength and many moods.  Her beauty is splendid as she awakens in the morning.  The colors of morning will hold your attention and have you marveling in her beauty.

 When she gets on the move with her tides and the wind she can be a terror as well.  The surf as it beats upon the shore can tear the land to shreds.  She can attack with a very impressive amount of force the spouts up as to let you know just how much power she really possesses.   Whether this be a small wave over some rocks on the shore, or attacking huge cliffs, she will hit with a wallop.

     The days when she really gets cranky and storms around , these days can be her most beautiful and scary at the same time.  Her colors and fearsome power during a storm make her the most exciting thing I have ever seen.   Just take some time and get to know the "other woman" that fills my heart with warmth, joy and fear.  ;o)