Monday, July 15, 2013

Grand Cayman Here I Come

Final Approach to Grand Cayman
   If this is Monday, I'm enroute to Grand Cayman.   This is going to be a great visit, staying at the Reef Resort, and visiting the Seven Fathoms Distiller
y.   I love to fly into Georgetown Airport in Grand Cayman, it is always a beautiful approach with the cruise ships below and the beautiful waters as you near the island.   I just find Caribbean Islands to be the most wonderful places anywhere to visit.   The colors of the sky and the water highlighting the land and its landmarks.

Seven Fathoms Distillery
     Tomorrow we are the guests of Seven Fathoms Rum Distillery for what promises to be a very exciting and educational tour.   The entire concept of aging rum below the sea really fascinates me.   How this is done is going to be a great education in innovative maturing of rum.   The big plus is the chance to taste and enjoy the expressions of their labors.

Hell, Grand Cayman

   Weather permitting after the tour, a trip to Hell might be in order.  Hell I say, Yes Hell,
the City with its own post office and everything just outside of Georgetown.


Did I mention that we are staying at the Reef resort and really looking forward to the evenings of entertainment there.  Do You remember the movie  "The Firm", The Grand Cayman part of that movie was filmed there featuring our friend George "Barefoot Man" Nowak, and of course the others Tom Cruise and Gene Hackman.   This is one of the more beautiful resort around and we are sure of all the fun that is in front of us.   ;o)