Saturday, May 12, 2012

The New Taste of Rum

  " NEAT", an acronym meaning "naturally engineered aroma technology" is about the technology of a tasting glass that is shaped to produce a better sense of the aroma of the rum rather than the alcohol burn in the nose as your olfactory senses enjoy the rum.    This is a patented "pot still" shaped glass is said to concentrate the aromas that you are trying to smell and hold the alcohol away.    This is a taster's tool that is very helpful in giving a consistent level of desired aromas and suspension of the alcohol away from the nose.    The glass has a beautiful shape and a distinctive self righting ability.

    The glass is available through Arsisca Inc. in Las Vegas or on line at  .

I carried one around during the grand tasting at this year's Miami Rem Renaissance Festival and enjoyed the glass's comfort and the way it presented the rum to my nose.   You might want to give them a thought for your own tastings or as a gift for your rum loving friends.   ;o)