Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Strong Movement to Low Calorie Cocktails

     In the past week or so, I have introduced a line of new cocktails that I called the two point
cocktails based on Weight Watchers points system.  These are basically cocktails that are 130 calories or less and contain no fat.  If they contain fiber, then they could be a few more calories, but I haven't figured out how to put fiber into them yet, but I am working on it.

      As a bartender, I have noticed a lot of people switching to a clear spirit and club soda with a squeeze of lime instead of the coke, or other sugary mix.  People are becoming very interested in cocktails that will not blow their diets.  Lets face it, people enjoy having a cocktail or two and they don't want to totally derail all that they have done to loose weight with a sugar bomb or two.

     The hardest part of creating low calorie cocktails is making them flavorful.  Flavor can be added, but you have to be very strict about the portions of the cocktail.  If you add things to the mix for taste, you might have to adjust the amount of spirit you put into the blend.  If you remember that the two point cocktail can not exceed 130 calories.

     I think that if you try the combinations of spirits and mixes you will find that many things are out there that will allow you to create a cocktail that is only two points and very very tasty.  I know that I have been very surprised on how flavorful that the ones that I have done are.  Don't be afraid to look at the past and some of the liqueurs that aren't as popular today as they have been in the past for a source of flavor for your lower calorie cocktails.   I just hope that you enjoy creating and imbibing these as much as I have.  ;o)