Friday, March 31, 2017

Fijian Spiced Rum Marama Launched

     Spanish exporter Beveland Distillers has expanded its portfolio with the launch of Marama Spiced Fijian Rum.   Beveland Distillers has launched Marama Spiced Fijian Rum.   Marama is a ‘light rum’, the new expression is a product of made from sugarcane grown in the Fiji Islands.   This is great to see, being that sugarcane has its origins in the area of the Fiji Islands.   Distilled in continuous distillation column stills, before being mixed with water originating from the volcanic substrates of the islands., This water is further purified in reverse osmosis systems to ensure the purity.
     The rum is aged in American oak barrels, blending a selection of rums that are aged between three and five years.   During the production process extracts from exotic plants and fruits native to the island are added, to impart notes of spice, vanilla and citrus.
     On the nose, the expression is “slightly sweet with notes of vanilla, coconut and walnuts”.   There is a spicy citrus and ginger notes on the palate with “a feeling of warmth and zest in the throat” on the finish.  There have been some vanilla rums that have appeared from the Fiji Islands, but this sounds like the real deal for those that enjoy the spiced rums.