Thursday, August 24, 2017

Back to Bahia Honda

Sundown and the Blue Lights are on

Morning Stillness
     Finally after many months of weather and scheduling issues, we have returned to Bahia Honda, for two days of kayaking, cocktailing and relaxation.  We have really missed our "weekend escape" trips here for too long and it is great to be back.  Had a great sunset cocktail hour on the kayak last night in addition to an evening of watching the lightning all around the area.   This is  one of nature's great shows, one I really enjoy watching.

   Waking up to the wonderful quietness of the
marina, along with the smell of the coffee brewing and the serenity of the water in the make it hard to get out of bed.  My morning rising at 5:30 am didn't happen until about 7:45 when the sun came through the porthole.   Pancake breakfast and a walk around the marina in the morning is always a very relaxing way to get the day started.

Don Quixote Key and Spotting Birds

   Kayaking is always a wonderful part of the Bahia Honda visit and today was no exception, we headed to the northwest about three miles to visit Don Quixote Key.  This is a bird and marine haven that is wonderful to glide quietly up to and see all of the life that makes up it's ecosystem.  A couple of laps around the tiny key will leave you in awe of all that you can see.

     A late lunch of Turkey wraps and a cool refreshing adult beverage helps the recovery from the kayak trip.  Then it is time for the real recovery of an afternoon nap.  This time of year with all of the children back in school there, the crowds are gone and we can enjoy the beach and really warm waters.  Wonderful to enjoy the quiet this time of year.  Even a little thunder storm in the late afternoon can not upset the vibe of the day.

     There is nothing better than escaping from paradise to another paradise to remind you of what a wonderful place that we are living.  Now we are good for a while until we get to go out again for another short adventure.  This sunset mad a perfect ending for a wonderful day.