Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Here are the Best and Worst Alcoholic Drinks for Your Waistline as Ranked by Calories

     Summer is here in full force, you have worked out at the gym, dieted just to get your beach body on for this year’s seaside season.  Now after working that hard for the past few months, don’t blow it now by drinking all of the wrong adult beverages while you are out on the water, at the beach, or poolside.   You still give a lot of attention to what you are eating, but how much attention are you paying to what you drink?

     Here is how to have fun this summer and maintain that "beach body."   Take a look at these facts before you rush out to happy hour.   All those half-off drinks you plan on imbibing come with a side of calories, and some of them more than others.

     It is time to drink smarter, at least less calorically anyway.   We set out to find how many calories are found in wine, beer and popular spirits, and we've broken it down for you below.   Keep in mind that not every brand of a type of drink contains the same number of calories.  The calorie content in wines ranges greatly, anywhere between 125 calories per serving for a white or red to 300 calories per serving for a dessert wines.   You should also note that you might not have an easy time finding the calorie content for your favorite drink, because alcohol companies are not legally obligated to provide nutritional information.  Remember that once you add a mixer to any of the spirits listed below, the calories shoot up rather quickly.

This is the calories counts for the top thirteen adult beverages, read them and weep.

 Beer, Pale Ale (HIGHEST CALORIES): 175 calories for 12 ounces (Sierra Nevada Pale Ale)-With lots of flavor comes lots of  

 Beer, Lager: 170 calories for 12 ounces (Sam Adams Boston Lager)-But remember:  It's a lot of calories, but also a lot of ounces.

 Wine, Red: 160 calories for 5 ounces (Cabernet Sauvignon from France) - The caloric content of red wine is different depending on the bottle for reasons that have to do with alcohol percentage and sugar. It can vary between 125 calories to upwards of 190 calories per 5-ounce serving, the standard.

Wine, White: 160 calories for 5 ounces (German Auslese Riesling) - Just like with red wine, the caloric content of white wine can vary. We're talking about differences ranging between 121 calories to 190 calories. But at least those calories also come with a host of health benefits.

Hard Apple Cider: 150 calories for 12 ounces (Angry Orchard Crisp Apple)-A slightly less caloric choice than many beers, and gluten-free, too.

Tequila: 104 calories for 1.5 ounces (Jose Cuervo Gold)-Salt and lime not included.

Whiskey: 104 calories for 1.5 ounces (Jack Daniels)-But if you pair it with Coke, that's a whole different beast.

Vodka: 101 calories for 1.5 ounces (Absolute Vodka)-Just a few calories less than a shot of tequila or whiskey.

Wine, Rosé: 100 calories for 5 ounces (Echo Falls)-Just one more reason to love rosé.

Champagne: 100 calories for 3.4 ounces (Moet Champagne)-Of course, you'll probably want a little more than 3.4 ounces, so keep that in mind.

Gin: 97 calories for 1.5 ounces (Hendrick's Gin)-That's without the tonic, of course.

Beer, Light: 96 calories for 12 ounces (Miller Lite)-Check with each individual brand for precise calories, but you can expect about 100 calories per serving for a light beer. 

Rum: (LOWEST CALORIES) 96 calories in 1.5 ounces (Bacardi Superior)-Not in a mojito, not in a rum and coke - just the straight shot.
Rum: The Lowest Calorie Adult Beverage
     I find it amusing that Rum is at the bottom of the list after years of bartending with customers telling me that they don’t want Rum because it has sugar in it and too many calories.  I’ve told people for years that the distillation process removes the majority of the sugar content, but I feel like I have been talking to deaf ears.  Here are the facts, rum has the lowest calories of any of the spirits and is tied with Miller Lite Beer. 

Miller - Lite The lowest Calorie Beer
     You have to pay attention to what you add to the rum, but if you stay with diet sodas, club soda or just ice, you can with a little bit of restraint maintain that slender “beach body” all summer long.