Thursday, May 18, 2017

Summer Parties and Over Boozing

     Summer is the season of endless indoor and outdoor boozy celebrations.  The season has arrived and the time to be out on the water, hiking in the mountains, or just parties in the yard.  Tis the season when alcohol is everywhere and can easily be overdone .   The big thing is that this is a normal event that happens every year, but what concerns me is that fun loving people don’t overdo it.
     Outdoor concerts and festivals are great places to party and enjoy an adult beverage of six, but make sure that you have a safe way home.  Have a designated driver, uber, lyft, taxi or public transportation, just don’t be driving after these outings.   Then there's the message that alcohol brings wild and crazy adventures into our lives, but it isn’t the alcohol, it is you.  The alcohol is just a facilitator that gives you the nerve to do what you would really like to do anyway.

     Many of your friends are picturing their drinking and party exploits on their twitter and Facebook pages daily.  Facebook offers more people lovingly hugging a bottle than hugging their spouses, but that is just people releasing the stress of a week that has had 5 days to build up with only 2 days to release it is why you will see a lot of the partying .  Turning to booze in tense times has much to do in our fast-paced lives, we want everything to happen lightning fast, even our stress relief, just down a couple drinks and everything will be good, we think anyway.   But not really.  "The bothersome thing is that it can becomes a habit, almost a reflex, to combat stress.  Being legal lends alcohol has an unspoken approval, but it has consequences if overdone.