Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cool Cars in Key West

Morgan Plus 4
   The slow times at the Rum Bar here in Key West is when I get to stare out the window to Duval Street.   In doing so I get the chance to spot some unusual things, my window on the Duval Street world is a very interesting one, you'd be surprised what all I do see.    Today I'm focusing on a few unusually cool cars that I have spotted outside the Rum Bar on different occasions.   Of course there are the usual number of Ferrari's, Jaguar's, Rolls Royce's, Bentley's, and Lamborghini's, but I'm talking about the really unusual classic's that seem to appear on a regular basis down here in Key West.

VW Microbus
     It isn't enough to see all of the "regular hot cars", but these classics's that keep rolling by  really get my attention.     Wood framed Morgan's and VW Microbuse's, now we are really talking.    An "Old Hippie" like myself can always relate to a VW Bus, a lot of memories from San Francisco are brought to the surface by this vehicle.

     I guess what really surprises me is the number of classic vehicle that live down in the very corrosive environment of Key West, but there are truly droves of them here.   One friend of mine is currently working on a restoration project of a Triumph TR-250, cutting out the rust and replacing panels has been a 4 month project for him, but when he is done, he will have a great sporty classic automobile in which to cruise Key West.

1959 Cadillac Sedan Deville
     The biggest eye catcher that I have been able to get a picture of was a 1959 Cadillac Sedan Deville.    This is the ultimate Cadillac is the icon of the fifties.  Every rock star, movie star, or any other person of importance had to have some model of the 1959 Cadillac.    Here we are 53 years later and the old girl is still roaming the streets of Key West.   

     This is one more thing that keeps me here in the ever changing world that is Key West.   I hope that picture keeps on being as interesting as it has been in my first 7 years here.  ;o)