Friday, June 8, 2012

Looking at the Little Things

     As I roam and wander through the little keys, I find myself looking at the macro instead of the micro, but sometimes it is fun to look a little closer and you will be amazed what you see.   I find myself like so many others looking for the grand and spectacular and missing an entire small world right around me.    Even in the rum world if you spend all of your time with the mega names in rums, you miss some of the wonderful little artisan brands that can provide you with some very special experiences that you won't find any where else.

     As I scanned around with my camera I found a very beautifully colored wasp, something if you don't look closely at you would just swat or try to get away from.   This is one of the more colorful insects I have seen out there.

     There are some interesting little flowers and plants that seem only to appear when you look at a place through a microscope instead of a telescope.    Sometimes I like to pick a 20 foot by 20 foot area and look to see all of the things I can see there that I hadn't noticed before.   This is a lot of fun and can be amazing to see what all you can find.   Many of the little things are camouflaged and have their own way of hiding from your sight, but if you look closely you see more than you can believe could possibly be there.

      The weather was overcast last Tuesday when I went out into the mangroves to search for some new and interesting things to photograph and watch, but found that there was very little happening, until looked down and started to notice the little things that can be just as interesting as the large things that are very easy to spot.   Some time you should try looking a little closer, you'll be amazed what you can see it you look small.  ;o)