Monday, April 8, 2013

Getting a bit of Wanderlust in My Shoes

Great Guana Cay, Abacos. the Bahamas
     I was sitting here this morning getting antsy for some travel again.   I was thinking about some of the places that I have visited in the past couple of years and all it did was make me want to break the bonds of work and this island to see something different for a few days.    The good news is a week from today I head to Miami for the Miami Rum Renaissance Festival, with a week of fun and getting together with a lot of my rum friends.   I know most of you don't feel sorry for me as you sit is the freezing snowy cold of the northern tiers, but I don't like my feet being tied to the ground for too long before I feel the need to get away.

     I think back to Panama, and the canal, the beautiful resorts, the Abuelo Distillery, and of course Panama City.   Flying in by helicopter to the distillery and seeing all of the aging bodegas below us.  All of that rum just waiting for its time to bring happiness to all of us rum enthusiasts.

    The mountains of Venezuela bring me memories of more great rum and the tassels of sugarcane waving in the breezes with the beautiful mountains in the back ground.   All of this just makes me think that I need to see something new again.   

Megan's Bay, St. Thomas
     Today I'll just settle to jump on the dinghy and cruise out to one of the mangrove keys and watch the birds,  fish, raccoons and fill the need to get away.   I get these wandering urges every now and then, but I can usually get them out of my system with a cruise to just over the horizon and explore a new key.   I guess that it is an understandable thing if you see the same sights every day, you become itchy to see something new.  It is called spring fever and I'm suffering from a bit of cabin fever as well even in Key West.   We have had a month of more of windy cool days that are not real conducive to head out on the water.  Finally the weather is warming up and the winds are subsiding making this a day to get out again.   Maybe I'm just being spoiled, but I'll get out on the water today and be ready to work through another week at the bar before heading to Miami.   Hope you can escape your winter blues soon and head to your very special  Saint Someplace and regenerate the spirit of fun.   ;o)