Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Key West Airbourn

Dry Tortuga's Lighthouse
     There are several ways to see Key West, but one of the most exhilarating is from the air.   I remember the days when I still lived in North Carolina and we flew down here in our Cessna 210.   Seeing all of the sights around Key West and Flying out to the Dry Tortuga's bring back form memories of the days we traveled by air.   Today we travel by boat around the keys, but there was something very special about being able to see all of Key West and the Keys from above.

    Today there are biplane tours that take you around the island and show you all of the activities on the land and sea.  These tours are available on a daily basis and can be a lot of fun.  There is really something to sit in an open cockpit plane and look over the side and see all that is happening below you.  

Key West Airport in 2001

     It is the old days in our own plane when Marta and I would head out to all of the fun places of the Caribbean and the Bahamas that really made the flying so much fun.  Yes I do miss the plane, but the environment here in the keys takes its toll on the aluminum parts of an aircraft and I can't justify the plane any more.  ;o(