Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Appleton is Upgrading the Factory

 Hon. Derrick Kellier, is hailing Appleton Estate
     Appleton is undergoing some modernization of its sugar factory in St. Elizabeth.    They are being encouraged by the government to continue their efforts at the farm and factory levels.  The improvements are both working for better efficiency and a greener footprint on the land.

     “Clearly, they have modernized the factory over the last couple of years, brought in new equipment and seems to have made the plant a more efficient and production-oriented operation. That will bode well for them because if you want to be able to compete on a national and international scale, you have to have high levels of productivity in your operation,” he noted.   Minister Kellier said the practices being employed in the cane fields will encourage high levels of productivity and the company will soon be reaping the benefits of its innovations and investments.   “In their field operations, we have clearly seen where their agronomic practices are in keeping with high levels of productivity and clearly, the gains that they have made and practices that they have employed are paying dividends to them,” he noted.
     Minister Kellier said he is particularly pleased about the waste-to-energy project, which has enabled Appleton to generate its own energy and is having a positive impact on the environment.   “This is something that ought to be commended, because that, in itself, will help them to reduce cost to make them more competitive,” he said.   Minister Kellier is encouraging the management of other sugar factories in Jamaica to follow the lead of Appleton.
     There seems to be a lot going on at the Appleton Estate these days with the improvements at the factories and the updating of their bottles and labels on the Appleton Estate Rums.    This is a sign that the brand is doing well and looks to be getting stronger in the category.   ;o)