Thursday, June 11, 2015

Caps Maison Offers Their Own 10 Year Old Rum Expression

     Cap Maison in collaboration with the St. Lucia Distillery, makers of Chairman's Reserve and many other fine spirits, are producing the 10 year old rum for the luxury resort on the island.  

     New to our extensive selection of Caribbean rums is our extra aged 10 year old Rum that is distilled by St. Lucia Distillers using both pot and column stills producing an aromatic fine clear spirit. Following extensive aging in repurposed old port barrels our premium rum is then aged at Cap Maison using the famous “Solera” aging system in single 10L white oak medium toasted barrels guarantying a consistent and superior quality.

     Our home aged rum is the base spirit of our tropical signature rum toddy ("Cap Maison Elixir") and will be bottled, labeled and sealed in front of our guests as a unique personal take away souvenir of St. Lucia and Cap Maison.
     The idea of rum being aged right in the resort is a great way to bring you guests into the world of rum that they can bottle at the resort and take home with them.   This is a trend that I have seen in the past few years that is really working for many resorts.  The Landings on Great Harbor Island in the Bahamas has done this for years and is now producing  their Afrohead rums for sale to the general public very successfully.
     This is a fine idea for the resorts of the Caribbean and anywhere else to follow to create a very special interest in their resort or restaurant for the rum lovers to come to their place and try the fine quality rums of the resort.  The rums that cannot be found anywhere else.  I would love to be able to do this type of thing where I could visit a distillery and pick the aged rums that I want for my special expression, then be able to finish age the rum on the premises and present it right out of the barrel for the customer.   This is what I call very special treatment for the customers.   ;o)