Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Grander Panamanian Rum

     “Grander Rum is a new, independently owned spirits brand that’s producing an eight year old
Cane Being Hand Cut in Herrara Province
Panamanian rum. “  The process begins in the sugar cane fields of Herrara, Panama, where the sugar cane is hand-harvested and turned into Grade-A molasses.   Grander is fermentation from molasses and distilled at the Ingenio San Carlos Distillery with copper plated column stills.   Grander is aged for eight years in once used Kentucky Bourbon barrels.     This expression is aged for eight years in the warm Panamanian temperatures  and then blended before being reduced to 45% ABV and bottled.   This expression is unaltered rum that is rich and full bodied as a result of its higher proof presentation.
     Panama is home to some wonderful rums, like Ron Abuelo, Zafra, Ron Duran and Yolo.  This is why when a new expression comes onto the market there is so much excitement about getting our hands on it and tasting it.    The area that surrounds Herrara Province is loaded with fields that produce high quality cane from the rich soiland a great group of master distillers to produce the high quality rums on a regular basis.   Grander comes from a solid stock being produced in this area.

      Grander Rum shows with a rich amber color that brings a blend of vanilla, spices and heavy oak to the nose.   Grander is rich and with flavors of vanilla and spice notes that hint of nutmeg and cinnamon, in addition to those of dried fruits.   The finish turns decidedly dry, leaving a taste of warm oak with some notes from the bourbon casks that they were aged in.  Eight years in barrel brings out a spirit with plenty of wood without being overpowering, instead yielding a nice balance of the wood with those of sweet spice and fruit. 
     Selling in the 750 ml size here in the United States at about $37.00, it makes a nice package of enjoyable tasting.