Friday, March 24, 2017

Things Moving Forward in Mooresville

The Bar is Open
     Here it is  Friday already, things up here in Mooresville are moving along very well.  The bathrooms are going back together, new range and microwave is installed.  All and all, things are progressing very well.   The final steps going on all around the house, slow detail work that just takes time.  There is no way around it if you want the results to be good and the place salable.

     The bar is back in place and the we got to sit down and tip a little bit of rum on Tuesday night.  Marta and I had a couple of well deserved rum cocktails.  It brought back good memories of the times in there when we lived her eleven years ago.

The Living Room
     Dock work is the only major issue left ahead of me.  I get started on that hopefully by Monday.   If all goes well and the weather works in my favor this will be don on Tuesday and I can burn the last of the debris Wednesday. Spend Thursday putting the final touches on things and head home on Friday.

     I'm really looking forward to completing the project and getting it on the market.  Key West warmth is something that I'm really missing.  I'm just ready to be back to my life on the boat and in Key West.