Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday and The Rum lab is Open Today

     The decision has been made and we are going to open the Rum Lab today for more research on one of our new acquisitions.    This is always an interesting event, because you never really know what is going to be successful and what is going to be a flop.    Over the past several months we've learned about mixing some very unusual items and coming up with exciting new cocktails.     I feel like today is going to be trying to create new "Well Cocktails", those that can be made and created from inexpensive white and dark and flavored rums.    I'm going to be trying to get flavor without having to resort to a lot of funky sugary mixes.   I feel that there are a number of really good fruit juices and liquors that can produce the desired flavor without resorting to the funky mixes in a bottle.     Anyway I do have a great group of lab mice coming by today to assist in the tasting and development of some new and fun cocktails.    I'll let you know tomorrow how it all came out.   ;o)