Friday, September 15, 2017

Key West is Coming Back Faster than Thought

     It has been a very quiet few days without telephone, or internet.  It came back on line last night so I figured that my forced vacation is over and it was time to start writing again.   Marta and I fared well all things considered, but we do have damage to our boat.  It is still livable and most of the systems are still functioning.

     I have to put a shout out to all of the rapid response, emergency workers, and those that have been on working endless hours to get the infrastructure back operating here.  We currently have water for six hours a day, electricity, and now cell phone and internet services functioning.  Plus I have to thank those and to US 1 Radio station, who were on the air getting out all the necessary information to us down here.  They were great, without them, we would not known who was open, where to get food and water, or any of the other information allowing us to get through for four days.

Out the Window Early Morning
Home Sweet Home, Still Floating
     I want to thank every one that sent us messages on Facebook and texts for caring so much.  We are working hard to get everything functioning again.  It has been a tough experience for all of the residents of the Florida Keys. Those who evacuated and can't get back to their houses and life, and those of us that stayed.  The worst of this experience was the aftermath of the storm.  We rode out the storm with some very good friends and were able to provide a mutual support system, but with it over it is what seems like endless hours fixing what we can and hoping that the store that carry the parts necessary to make repairs will be open soon.

The Sun is Rising Over the Keys and We are All Key West Tough Enough to Make it Through

   The best news was that I did not lose a single bottle of rum on the boat, however we have shared a few bottles with our friends here on the docks in the evenings.