Saturday, October 20, 2012

Alma de Bohemio 15 Year Old Rum

     The latest arrival at the Rum Bar in Key West, Alma de Bohemio 15 Year Old Rum is a great new addition.   This is a very special dark amber / mahogany colored rum from the skilled hands of Master Blender Don "Pancho" Hernandez, famous for Panama Red and Zafra Master Reserve.   

     The rum is produced in central Panama from local sugar cane and fermented and distilled in the distillery in Panama.   The rum is aged in decades old barrels previously use for finishing rum.   Made by the Cuban methods and formulas to attain the high quality and classically smooth and refined Alma de Bohemio Rums.

     The mahogany and copper colors are the beginning for this fine viscous rum.   The aroma is woody, fruity, with a hint of vanilla and spices.    On the palate there is immediate heat that fades quickly to a tropically sweetness with tastes of vanilla, fruit, and spices (nutmeg, cinnamon, and a bit of pepper).
The finish is a long and dry finish, consistent with many of the Panamanian rums.

    This is one of the new rums that we have added to the collection a the Rum Bar in Key West, and I suspect one that will draw a goodly bit of attention as the word gets out and it is tasted by the rum lovers.   ;o)