Friday, November 7, 2014

"Absolutely no question" Bacardi will return to Cuba

Bacardi Building in Havana
According to an article in "Just, there is little doubt that the Bacardi Family would return to Cuba once that the US Embargo is lifted.     This was reiterated in the article below.

     The president of Bacardi has reiterated the company's intention to return to its native Cuba once the US embargo of the country is lifted. 

     The Bacardi family - and its rum company - was expelled from Cuba in 1959 following the country's revolution, led by Fidel Castro.   Since then, the US authorities have imposed an embargo on the country in protest against the revolution. Bacardi has subsequently set up a head office in Bermuda, a distillery in Puerto Rico and other operational offices in Miami. 

Joaquin Bacardi
     US president Barack Obama has long been thought to be keen on ending the embargo. 

     Speaking to just-drinks at his company's Puerto Rico facility, Joaquin Bacardi confirmed that the firm will return to Cuba in some capacity at the earliest possible opportunity.   "We are hopeful that the facilities (Bacardi owned before the revolution) that exist in Cuba will be returned to us," he said.   "We have all the documentation to prove that that property is ours. 

     "Because that property has been abandoned for so many years - although it is being operated to produce other rums - we know that the conditions of that operation are very poor; they don't maintain it very well. So, it's going to require a significant capital investment." 

Bacardi Distillery Santiago de Cuba
     Ending the embargo is long over due, and it is time to put all of this behind us and help our
neighbors to the south get on with their lives and become a part of the world today and end the suffering of it's people.  The only losers in this prolonged embargo are the everyday people of Cuba.  Come on Politicians, time to bring this long out dated embargo an end.   ;o)