Friday, April 27, 2012

Beach Daze

    There is something about walking down a beautiful sandy beach that I find very relaxing.     I think it is the combination of the ocean's din, the sea breezes, and the sand between my toes that makes me so happy when I'm there.     People  sun bathing, listening to their music and carrying on conversations is all a part of the scene as I pass by on my journey down the beach.

     Watching the power of the surf and a kiter toying with the waves is an exciting sight as I continue my ambling along the edge of the surf zone.    I guess that it is really mother nature at he best and worst as she shapes the land with the sea's power.     Together they are creating one of her most beautiful land and sea scape's.   

     Man has learned to enjoy this meeting of the two major masses of our earth and have fun as they clash to tear each other apart.    Take some time to visit this spectacle in the near future and enjoy your day in the sun.  ;o)