Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Years Eve: Bring on the Party

     This is it the sunset of 2012, a year that I have to say was a very interesting one.  Politics Hurricanes, and so much more.  The important thing right now to me is that all of you will be here with me tomorrow.   Tonight the party day around the world, one that matches no other in the consumption of alcohol.   Make sure as you plan your evening that you plan the way you get back home.  One that doesn't include driving.   I can't emphasize the dangers of even buzz driving, especially on New Years.  The police are out and looking for anyone that is even marginally intoxicated behind the wheel and they will see you long before you see them.

     It is my hope that your 2012 was as interesting and fulfilling as mine was and the prospects for 2013 are equally as bright.  Lets bring 2013 in with a great and fun party and get home safely after the New Year has been rung in.   Happy New Years to all and to all a good night of raucous partying.  ;o)