Friday, February 21, 2014

Concern for my Friends in Venezuela

Barquisimeto Country Side
    The current out break of violence in Venezuela gives me cause for concern for my friends that live and work there.   I have visited the beautiful cities of Barquisimeto and La Victoria, it would be a shame to have their local beauty destroyed by the civil violence.   I have a very warm feeling for so many of the people there that I have met during my visit in 2012.   I am praying for their safety during the current strife.  

Barquisimeto Protests
     My Friend Alfonso Castillo G and Tito Cordero, who are living in Barquisimeto, I have some real concerns for them.  Alfonso sent some pictures of the violence there in Barquisimeto on Facebook the other day.    Like so many of us here in the United States, this kind of violence is always worry some. 

     Not to far from Barquisimeto is the little town of La Miel, the home of DUSA and the Diplomatico line of rums.   I would hate to see the loss of any jobs and the sesation of production of the fine rums coming from there to the current strife.   In La Victoria, Venezuela is just outside of Caracas is the home of Santa Teresa Rums.  This is another place that we have friends that I am concerned about.

   Members of the Caribbean Community are also very concerned about the problems and have
Caracas Violence
spoken out about them.  CARICOM said,"No democratic society can reasonably pursue disorder or any unwarranted subversion of democratic institutions
."    The Government of Grenada also made it clear on their views of the situation in Venezuela.  “Any attempts, from whichever side of the political spectrum, to stir unrest and chaos must be condemned in the strongest possible terms,” the government said. “It must be noted that there were two national elections within the last year in Venezuela — Presidential and Local government — and the people through democratic means expressed their support for the leadership of President Nicolas Maduro".

     This is not a good thing, violence is rarely the cure to problems, the decision of the majority of the people has to be adhered to when things are not right.  The use of the diplomatic channels can hopefully solve the problems that Venezuela is currently having to deal with and life can get back to a calm again.