Friday, November 2, 2018

Chairman's Reserve 1931 Launches in the U.S., Praising Nearly 90 Years of Saint Lucian Rum Craftsmanship

Chairman's Reserve range with a limited edition release: Chairman's Reserve 1931, a rare single-blended aged Saint Lucian rum, which pays homage to a legacy of rum philosophy and craft. 

     The history and inspiration behind the Chairman's Reserve brand begin in 1931 when Denis Barnard established the Barnard family's rum distillery. He unknowingly set the foundation for decades of legendary Saint Lucian rum craftsmanship predicated on character, finesse and distinction. Denis Barnard was truly an original pioneer in the art of blending rum and began experimenting with distillates from various fermentations of molasses produced by the plantation's own sugar factory. His philosophy and technique of blending were inherited by his grandson Laurie Barnard, who officially established the Chairman's Reserve brand in 1999.
     Today, Chairman's Reserve 1931 has been launched in tribute to this unique, time-honored philosophy and craft. The blend of this flagship rum is made of distillates from St. Lucia Distillers' twin column Coffey still and three copper pot stills, which have aged individually from six to 11 years in Bourbon and Port casks before being married together. The majority of the blend is traditional molasses rum, while the hidden spunk comes from agricultural rum from sugarcane grown at the distillery.

     The 46% alcohol by volume or 92 proof expression carries aromas of sweet raisins with definite toasted oak notes, leather, spice and tobacco on the nose. On the palate, rich sultana fruit with hints of crème caramel and buttery oak continue into a long complex finish. A hint of grassy aromatic sweetness from the sugar cane distillate gives a unique hedonistic element to the rum. "Chairman's Reserve 1931 elevates the premier rum brand of Saint Lucia ahead of the iconic rum brands currently on the world stage," says Benjamin Jones, director of SPIRIBAM, the brand's U.S. importer. "The limited edition 1931 embodies the finer life of Saint Lucia and establishes Chairman's Reserve at the head of the class within the premium rum category as well as against all premium aged spirits."

     Chairman's Reserve 1931 will debut in the United States November 2018 next to Chairman's Reserve Original, Chairman's Reserve Spiced and Chairman's Reserve Forgotten Cask. Customers across the United States, with the exception of those from AL, IL, KY, MI, MS, NH, SD and UT, can order the product and have it conveniently shipped directly to their home

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