Thursday, January 14, 2016

Siesta Key Rum a New Style of Rum on the Horizon

Experimental "Double Thumper" Pot Still
     I visited Troy Roberts at the Drum Circle Distillery yesterday and he showed me a laboratory "Double Thumper" still where he has been doing some experimenting on some new rums.   This is a pot still that has a pair of rectifiers before going into the condenser.   This is the classic still that goes back hundreds of years as the one at River Antoine Distillery in Grenada.

River Antoine "Double Thumper" Wood Fire Heated Pot Still
     These stills produce a full bodied, full flavored rum.   America is starting to enjoy rums that are more than just a straight white unaged mixing rums.  Today's rums are full flavored and I don't mean added ingredients, but rather rums that the distiller and blenders have put the effort in when creating the rum rather than adding artificial flavors to make you think they they had done their homework.

"Double Thumper Juice"

     Troy is excited about developing new rums from this style of pot still.  His first experiments are showing some great potential, I tasted a sample at full 130 plus proof and the flavor is absolutely wonderful.    Troy promises me that there will be some really wonderful expressions coming from this still.   I thoroughly enjoy the rums at their full strength because you can really taste all of the work and effort that the distiller put into it.   These are true rum, they still have the flavor of the molasses from which they came.

     The future of Siesta Key Rums is a very bright one, mostly because Troy is not afraid to try new things in the distilling and aging methods.   Everything that has come to me from Drum Circle Distilling has been really great.  It is always a pleasure to receive a new expression from Siesta Key Rums.