Saturday, April 21, 2012

Rum Renaissanse Day 5: Final Judging and More Parties

      Breakfast with Plantation Rums is always a great event.  Guillaume Lamy always has a surprise up his sleeve and this year was no exception.    In addition to the new Three Star White Rum , we got to taste several of the research rums and the original Plantation offering from Jamaica.    Plantation is always bringing out new vintage rums plus it continues to add to the 5 Year collection as well.    Per tradition we enjoyed a wonderfully prepared breakfast and Guillaume's witty and informative presentation.

     Next it was off to the fifth judging session, this morning with the ultra premium offerings.   Only one left for the afternoon.

     Today's lunch meeting is also an exciting on with Brugal who is offering a new Blanco Especial and the Brugal 1888.    It was a great "island style" lunch and a tasting along with a history and explanation of the concepts behind the rums.    As usual it was great conversation and great food. 

   Final judging session was upon us and it was the flavored rums.    We all did our parts throughout the tastings and I feel that this year we will have some really fine rums that will take the awards and  we can all be proud of our work.    A few bottles of hard to find rums were shared by the panel after the final judging session to celebrate the completion of the tasting portion of this year's event.

Tito Cordero
     Party time is approaching, but first one more briefing at the Surfcomber for Diplomatico and their new Ambassador ultra premium rum.    Tito Cordero the master blender at Diplomatico was our speaker, a real honor to have the man behind the masterpiece present it to the Rum XP's.   This rum is a story all by itself, and will be in the future, but for now lets say this is an effort that starts with the soil and where the distillery is located and finishes with one of the world's finest rum offerings.

     With the introduction of the Diplomatico Ambassador complete it is time for the Diplomatico party to begin.    First it is off to the pool area to enjoy "three cubes of ice and three fingers of Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva",   This is another of the extra ordinary party's of the week and it is fitting to follow the introduction of their Ambassador.   Hula and fire dancers, great rum, so many friends to speak to.     The atmosphere is one of fun and celebration of good times and great rum, a feeling that we will carry late into the evening before heading back to the Deauville Resort  for two more events.

     Caliche from the House of Serralles is the latest offering from Rande Gerber and Roberto Serralles.       This party is in the Jazz Club here at the Deauville Beach Resort.  When Esteban Ordonez takes the helm of a party you know it is going to be fun.   This new rum really has a nice flavor, on that you can sip or mix in a premium cocktail.   The party roared on and again it was great rum and great people to enjoy the evening with.      
Esteban Ordonez
     Today begins the Grand Tasting, where everyone with a ticket can come in and enjoy all of the rum offerings of over 100 rum producers from around the world.  This is truly the highlight of the week long event and I'm so ready to get on the floor and spend some time with so many of my friends.   ;o)