Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A Visit to Cayman Spirits Company Distillery

     No trip for me would be complete without a visit to the Cayman Spirits Company Distillery in Georgetown.  It was good to see my friend Walker Romanica and the crew again.  It looks like we are
going to be able to bring the Seven Fathom Rum back to the Rum Bar in Key West very soon.  The Distributor is in Florida and as soon as all of the formalities are taken care of we will be putting it back on the shelf again.

     There has been some expansion of the stills and they are making some other spirits as well as the rums.   They have added a line of liqueurs and vodka to their inventory.  This is a unique vodka, because it is made from sugar cane.   The are in the process of adding a single estate rum to the list of rum expressions as well.