Monday, January 28, 2013

Pink Pigeon Rum

    Pink Pigeon Rum is a real jewel of a premium rum that comes to us from the "Jewel of the Indian Ocean", Mauritius, located just off of the East Coast of Africa and Madagascar.   Pink Pigeon Rum is made at the Medine Distillery, a part of The Medine Sugar Estate located on the West Coast of Mauritius. The Estate produces 400,000 plus tons of cane to the mill where it primarily produces sugar for domestic use rather than export.  Pink Pigeon Rum launched in 2010 by Medine Distillery's partnership with British spirits merchants Berry Brothers and Rudd.

     Medine Distillery has been producing Mauritian rums since 1926, making it the oldest working distillery on the Island. Pink Pigeon Rum is produced from molasses made from sugar cane grown in the Medine Sugar Estate.  The distillery uses 4 column continuous stills to produce a light and smooth rum. After distillation, the rum is infused with handpicked and hand-pollinated Bourbon vanilla from orchids that grow in the rain forest canopy of Madagascar and the rich volcanic soil of the Reunion Islands.  Bourbon vanilla gives to the rum its rich and creamy texture with notes of tropical fruits and sweet spices. For extra balance and complexity, orange peel and orchid petals are added.   

     There are strong notes of the vanilla on the nose and other scents that remind me of fresh baked sugar cookies.  Orange peel adds freshness and zing while orchid petals release delightful honey notes.     On the palate, the same vanilla is joined by a tropical fruity taste.  There is a very light initial taste of the alcohol that quickly dissipates to the slightly sweet extremely long lasting finish.

     I'm currently working with this rum to try to develop some ultra premium cocktails that will work well with the flavors of the rum and allow the rum to stay in the forefront of the cocktail.  

     This rum will be in the Rum Bar in Key West next weekend for you to sample.  ;o)