Friday, July 26, 2013

Santiago De Cuba Rum

USS New York in Santiago de Cuba Harbour
Bacardi Factory (now Santiago de Cuba)
     Santiago de Cuba is located in the southeast part of Cuba with a historic grand harbor and one of the finest distilleries in all of Cuba.   Santiago de Cuba harbor is the sight of one of the very decisive battles of the Spanish-American War.   This is the home of the original Bacardi distillery first opened in 1868 by Don Facundo Bacardi Masso.    Today the distillery is being run by the Rum Corporation of Cuba, producing several brands of rums that are available all over Cuba and many other international destinations.  Brands like Santiago de Cuba, Ron Varadero, and Ron Caney are among the 9 million liters per year produced in the old Bacardi factory.

     I want to say something about a really nice rum from this factory that I got to taste while in Havana last week.   Santiago de Cuba 11 Anejo Superior is one of those rums that you stumble upon every now and then that really tickle your palate and put a smile on your face.  The brilliant mahogany hue that catches your eye immediately and the nice sweetness of the Cuban sugarcane is just the beginning.  The fruity and spicy palate and the long smooth finish make this an instant favorite.   The rum is aged by their secret method called  "one exclusive aging mode" under the watchful eye of the Maestro de Ronero for Santeago de Cuba.

     Although it is unavailable in the United States it is available in many "Duty Free" shops in airports around the islands and the Americas.   It is always worth the time while you are waiting for your plane to browse these wonderful shops.  I have found many of the unusual rums that I have in these places.  The big plus is they draw little attention from customs as you arrive back in the States.

    If you get the opportunity to try this one of any of the other Santiago de Cuba rums you will be very pleasantly surprised.  They are said to be made to the standards of the original Matusalem Brand  according to those in Cuba that are in the business.   Whether or not it is really doesn't matter, it is a great tasting rum  ;o)