Thursday, February 15, 2018

Maggies Farm Rum Offers $1 to Animal Rescue Charities in the Area of Sale

Rescue a Dog Like This One
     Since February 1st, 2018, for every bottle of Maggie's Farm core rum sold, either White, Spiced, Single Barrel, or 50/50 Dark rums, $1 will be donated to animal rescue charities in the area of the sale.  The Story is denoted on labels for all bottles now rolling out into our current distribution markets. The monthly bottle sales to each market will be tallied and the funds donated directly to non-profit, no-kill animal shelters in the areas of distribution, whether in Pittsburgh, Washington DC, Baltimore, Delaware, Philadelphia, Nashville, or New York.  This includes all future markets as well.   Multiple, different charities in the areas of each city will be chosen each month with the best effort of spreading the donations around to benefit as many as possible.

   As Maggie's Farm continues to experience growth in production and sales, a desire to give back has come to fruition. With this ability, and without any product price increases, owners Tim and Layla Russell have decided to assist charities close to their hearts. "These are ones that benefit finding long-term homes for lost, neglected, or abused pets." As Layla has stated, "Family pets can be our greatest companions and truly depend on us, and in exchange provide us their unconditional love."

     This is a great idea for giving back to the community that support the rum company and a great way for you to help out in your community as well.