Thursday, May 29, 2014

Marti Autentico Licor de Ron

     I've gotten the new cocktail bug here lately, and as I was digging through the collection of rums, I stumbled upon this interesting old bottle of  Marti Autentico Licor de Ron.   Made in the traditional Cuban style of super premium rum along with tropical limes and refreshing mint added to create this pre-Castro Cuban iconic expression.  Sometimes referred to as the Mojito Rum, the lime and mint flavor does pick up the essence of the cocktail made famous by the Bodeguita del Medio in central Havana.

     According to the information I have been able to gather about this unusual bottle, a well known master distiller (Don Pancho Fernandez says it wasn't him) created this expression in the traditional pre-Castro Cuban rum style of the late 1950's.  He drew upon the traditional methods to create this Cuban favorite.  The rum has a distinctive fruity mint flavor that was created to represent the essence of Cuba in the 1950's.

     Named for Jose Marti, one of Cuba's most beloved patriots.  The premium quality of the rum can be savored neat, on the rocks or mixed in any number of cocktails including the traditional Cuban Mojito.