Thursday, June 4, 2015

Colonial Williamsburg is Opening a Distillery in the Near Future

     The Williamsburg Distillery focuses upon the use of classic ingredients and recipes from the 1600s and 1700s.    The Distillery has started to produce Jamestown Gin, Yorktown Rum and Williamsburg Bourbon, expressions that are known as the ‘Historic Triangle series’.   "Our slogan is distilling the American spirit," owner, distiller and President Bill Dodson said.
     Rum and Gin are already in the barrels and expected to be ready for consumption this summer.   
    Currently located in temporary quarters until the business can invests in a larger facility.  When open , tours to educate visitors with some of  the local alcohol history and the historical recipes colonial distillers have used to production their spirits.

  They will use modern equipment to produce the expressions, like the 100-gallon pot still that is currently being operated.    There are plans to set up a working period still to give the visitors an accurate picture of how the spirits were made during the colonial times..