Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Spirit of Bacardi, The Graphic Novel

     Bacardi has just released a new "graphic novel' called the "Spirit of Bacardi". it deals with the Bacardi family's life in Santiago de Cuba during the Spanish occupation.  It also covers the role of Don Facundo's son, Emilio during the days of the Cuban Revolution.

    The graphic novel is well written and very informative.  I enjoyed the read and learned a lot about all that took place during the revolution and the later American control of the city.  The graphic novel was written by Warren Ellis and Michael Allred for the Bacardi.  the graphic novel is releasing today as a free digital download, the graphic novel The Spirit of Bacardi tells the story of the man and the family behind Bacardi rum.

    Give this novel a read through, I think that you will really find it very interesting.  ;o)