Thursday, June 12, 2014

Sitting in an Airport Sometimes very Interesting.

     I have been in Charlotte, North Carolina since Sunday evening, this trip was with Delta, meaning it wasn't a direct Key West to Charlotte like previous ones.  I have had several hours of "layover" time on this trip.  People are crazy!!!!!!   I have seen and smelled by the way diaper changes in the waiting areas,  people who can't agree on anything, and a few lovers that needed a room.
     As much as I enjoy watching people, I think that my next trip back to Mooresville will be after US Air starts flying again in October.  The lost productivity time and the long waits and running between terminals is about to wear me out.

     Now lets talk about the mass rush to board the plane.  Those with special needs, first class super premium passengers, then finally the zone passengers.  By the time they get to the zone there are only about 20 or so people waiting to board.   Thing have changed, and I wonder how much of it is really for the good.  The zones really work, because it gets people on the plane in an orderly fashion with people seated by the windows and in the middle seated before those on the aisle so you don't have the aisle blocked as people keep getting in and out of their seats because people that fly a lot are already seated.

     I get to repeat the process two more times today before I get home to Key West, and I'm sure that it will be very interesting again. I love to travel and watching what is going on around me is really one of my joys.  ;o)