Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Living the "Jimmy Buffett" Lifestyle

   A lot of people come down to the Keys in search of the "Jimmy Buffett" lifestyle.  Key West and for that matter the entire Florida Keys are a perfect fit.   The warm weather link with the warm ocean and gulf waters that surround the them, the Keys are ideal for living in this wonderful fantasy.

     A combination of total acceptance of many different lifestyles, the availability of party venues plus a great selection for fun an unique cocktails and spirits.   These are the ingredients that make for a perfect paradise.   There have been many songwriters, poets, writers and other celebrities that have called the Keys home over the years, one of the reasons is the laid back atmosphere that allows them the anonymity to be real everyday people for the most part themselves.

     I'm in my eleventh year here and you couldn't pry me out of here with a crowbar.  All of the
elements that allow me to work, play and be creative makes this place my true "Garden of Eden".   I really believe that the salt air and waters get into your blood and leaves you with a new and wonderful outlook on life.  It is easier to accept things and enjoying the ways of other people as well.

     These keys are a lot more that just a place that has more bars, restaurants, and tourist per acre than almost any other place on earth, but more importantly it has an aura of life and understanding.  Everyone here has a different reason for being here, but most all of them can find a huge group of wonderful people that love to get together to share their fun with.