Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sharing the Day with Nature and Rum

     I spent most of the day yesterday out at Snipes and Mud Keys just drifting and enjoying mother nature at her best.     As I walked the beach and sand bars of low tide I found little worlds in the tidal pool and birds that came by to see what we were up to as we explored the tidal zone searching for new worlds.    This area is usually full  of revelers and sun worshipers, but on this Tuesday afternoon, the tide was unusually low making it harder to the boats to make their way out to this marvelous area.   

     Because ewe travel in a little 12 foot inflatable boat out some 15 mile from Key West to get to this area the shallow waters don't pose much of a problem for us as we drift along the edge of the mangroves observing the beauty of these keys.      Today we were lucky enough to come a cross a pod of dolphin about 20 strong that we were able to hang with for a while before moving on and later the tiny world of the tidal pool and all it's curious life forms.

     As we drifted though the mangroves of Mud Key we saw many different fish and even a couple of rays as we floated along sipping on a nice rum and watching intently into the clear waters to see what would appear next.     As I looked up a curious gull was circling us and watching us watch the fish and what was in the water.       I do have to say it really becomes clear to me why I live where I do on a day like today  when the sky's are blue and the water is clear and only being colored by the bottom.      I hope you enjoyed my day as much as I did.     ;o)