Monday, December 2, 2013

The Caribbean Rum and Beer Festival CAB Rum Tasting Results

    The Caribbean Rum and Beer Festival is over and the final scores have been tallied.  Here are the results for the 2013 CAB Rum Tasting Contest.
The international panel of judges have put forth a lot of time and effort evaluating all 65 of the rums that were submitted to the tasting, now here are the final results.

White Rum

GOLD - Westerhall 12 Degrees Rum (Westerhall Estate Ltd, Grenada)
SILVER - Appleton White (Appleton Estate, Jamaica)
BRONZE - Clarke's Court Superior White Rum (Grenada Distillers Ltd, Grenada)

Overproof Rum

GOLD - Clarke's Court Pure White Rum (Grenada Distillers Ltd, Grenada)
SILVER - Westerhall White Jack Rum (Westerhall Estate Ltd, Grenada)
BRONZE - Westerhall Jack Iron (Westerhall Estate Ltd, Grenada)


Flavored Rum

GOLD - Blue Chair Bay Coconut Rum (Fishbowl Spirits, USA)
SILVER - Clarke's Court Mojito Rum (Grenada Distillers Ltd, Grenada)
BRONZE - Siesta Key Spiced Rum (Drum Circle Distilling, USA)


Rum Punch

GOLD - VSRP Rum Punch (Cutters, Barbados)
SILVER - XM Estate Royal Mango Rum Punch (Banks DIH Ltd, Guyana)
BRONZE - Angostura Rum Punch (Angostura Distillers, Trinidad & Tobago)


Gold Rum

GOLD - 4th Umpire (Aone, Barbados)
SILVER - Westerhall Superb Light (Westerhall Estate Ltd, Grenada)
BRONZE - Ron Abuelo Anejo (Varela Hermanos, Panama)

Aged Rum (5 - 9 years)

GOLD - Westerhall Vintage Rum (Westerhall Estate Ltd, Grenada)
SILVER - Borgoe 8 Year Old Rum (SAB, Suriname)
BRONZE - Captain Bligh XO (St Vincent Distillery, St Vincent)


Aged Rum (10 - 14 years)

GOLD - XM Royal 10 Year Old Rum (Banks DIH Ltd, Guyana)
SILVER - XM Special 12 Year Old Rum (Banks DIH Ltd, Guyana)
BRONZE - Cockspur VSOR Rum (West Indies Rum Distillery, Barbados)

Aged Rum (15 years and over)

GOLD - Borgoe 15 Year Old Rum (SAB, Suriname)
SILVER - XM Supreme 15 Year Old Rum (Banks DIH Ltd, Guyana)
BRONZE - Ron Matusalem 15 Solera Rum (Ron Matusalem, Dominican Republic)

  This tasting contest is a competition between the best rums in the world. The blind tasting competition took place in a closed room session with an expert judging panel. The panel sampled over 60 rums and made their decisions based upon four criteria; Appearance, Aroma, Taste and Overall Impression. This year the judging panel included the editors of 'Got Rum' Magazine Luis & Margaret Ayala in conjunction with members of the Rum XP including Dave Russell, Mike Streeter, Bob Leonard, as well as Carl Kanto, Philip Ils, Paul Senft and Jonathan Collymore. 
   This year we had a really fun group of people that not only got to enjoy evaluating all of the rums, but had an opportunity to travel around the island together and visit many of the incredible sights of Grenada, "The Spice Island".    I'm looking forward to returning next year to spend more time on the island and enjoy so much more of the event.  ;o)