Thursday, December 27, 2018

Looking Back and Feeling Very Greatful

     Coming Home from the distillery yesterday I keep seeing so many things that really make this
place so wonderful.  The way that this town decorates for Christmas and the fun places that I get to visit almost anytime that I want to.

     I tell people that I fee so special, because I get to make the rum in the mornings and enjoy them in the afternoon.  That is a very special place to be at this stage of my life.  I look at all of the things and places that I have been and can't help to feet that someone up there has really blessed me.

     Tomorrow I turn 72, a number that is just that, a number and I wouldn't ever want to go back and try to do it again.  I have to say that I've been able to re-invent myself several time and learn and do things that have made me very happy and leaves me with a feeling of accomplishment.

     Making life special is a full time job in itself, you have to work at it and for me to have a wonderful wife of 44 years and living here in Key West for the past 13 years tells me that it has been really worth the effort.

     I'd like to pass along a very special thanks to all those who have helped me along the way.