Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Thoughts on Traveling

    I returned from Boston last evening after a whirlwind trip to Boston and Raynham.  It was wonderful seeing my mother for a while and having an opportunity to go out for dinner and all.   The thoughts are on what it takes to travel around and all of the logistics necessary to make a trip come together these days.  

     First is the ride to the airport for your departure, usually a friend of a taxi, but this is a simple phone call, and you are at the airport with plenty of time to spare.  

     But before all of the doing happens there is all of the planning that has to happen.  This is the better part of a morning spent on the computer setting up your air tickets, rental cars, hotels, rides and all of the other things that you need to
happen in a specific order for you to get where you are going and be able to function after you arrive.   The computer and the Internet are magic for getting all of this done, you and do in a couple of hours what use to take a better part of a day to accomplish.  

    Now that you have arrived at your destination it is off to the rental car agency and pick-up your ride for the trip, I'm a Avis One member, so this is easy I go over see my name and it is off to my car.   This is only the beginning of the fun.  Finding your way around a strange big city like Boston become a great tour of the downtown, the uptown and then the parking lot ( the freeway).  after about two hours of so I'm in the sleepy little town of Raynham and at my Mother's house.  

     After a wonderful time of chatting, wandering the grounds, and having dinner, it was off to Boston again and my hotel room for a good rest.  The day that started in Key West at 5am is finally coming to an end at midnight in Boston.  

     It is 6am now and I'm returning the rental car at Logan and hopping on the shuttle back to the terminal and clearing the security point so I can get to the gate and aboard the plane to go home.  

     My arrival in Miami was welcome, but my luck was fading.  I arrived at gate D5 and was leaving from D60 for the flight to Key West.   This is about a mile or so from the arrival gate to the departure one.  Oh well I just stroll down though the crazy people and shops and arrive with about 15 minutes to spare.   I get a bottle of water and it is boarding time for the final leg of the journey.

     I hop into the cab at Key West Airport and the short ride to Sunset Marina and home.  It doesn't take me long to unpack and change clothes to
head out top the Hurricane Hole for some chill time.  This is a great country that lets you move about as quickly as we can and arrive safely home after the adventure.    So glad to be back home, it is really hard to find a place that I am happier in than here in Key West.  ;o)