Monday, January 30, 2017

The Taste of Cayman, Realy Fun Event

Taste of Cayman Festival Fiels with about half of the Tents Visible
     The Taste of Cayman, held in Camana Bay on Saturday was a lot of fun and a chance to share a lot of the culture of the Cayman Islands.   The event was all about the food, spirits and the people, This made for some very warm adventures and a chance to get to know many new people herein the Caymans.

2017 Seven Fathoms Cocktail Competition Panel of Judges
     The Seven Fathoms Cocktail Competition was a really great event, it gave seven first class bartenders an opportunity to show their talents on stage and to the judges as they presented their works of art and mixology.   It was such a great group of bartenders entered from the Cayman Islands and the two winners from the United States as well.  The competition was very close both in the primary heats and the final.  The winner, Sabrina Kudic from Chicago produced two wonderful expressions that really brought her talent to the forefront.  Her Overnight, a
Sabrina Kudic, 2017 Champion
variation of the classic cocktail Air Mail, had a nice balance to it and very flavorful without being overly sweet or tart.  The final cocktail, Star Shine, made with the secret ingredient star fruit, was again well thought out and by muddling the star fruit into the mix, gave the finished product a very unique and enjoyable flavor.  The final came down to a 1 point split between first and second which was a real good indication of how good their expressions really were.

   The creativity of the bartenders in their use of syrups and flavorings that were created by the individual bartenders was very impressive.  The use of the liqueurs make the cocktails more flavorful and uniquely complex was well handled.   What made the best cocktails great was the use of these additives in such a way as to not bury the flavor of the rum.  To often mixologist will often use too many and to much of these additives and the rum's flavor is lost in the mix.  I know that I use a quality rum in my own creations because I enjoy the flavor of the chosen rum and what is added is purely to enhance the rum's flavor, not to cloud or cover it up.

Swanky Girls, Swanky is where you et those great costumes
     The festival was filled with wonderful food and drink provide by the many fine restaurants and bars around the island.  It was a total experience of Cayman Food and their wonderful cocktail culture.  This is an event that I look forward to returning to next year, it is a lot of fun and very filling.  Plus if there are any beautiful women around I am going to find them.  I just love my life.