Saturday, January 24, 2015

Back Home in the Warm

     After a three day journey to the north for a business trip it is really great to be home again in the warmth of Key West.   Even though the highs were in the fifties, the lows were in the thirties.   I can live with high fifties as a night time low, but as a daytime high, that is a little rough on these aging joints.  

     You don't really appreciate the tropics until you get away from them for a few days in the winter time.   It is funny that there are afternoons when the sun goes down that we run for some pretty heavy jackets to keep warm, but it is a rare day that I can't walk out in a t shirt and shorts when the sun is up.

     I really do feel for you guys in the northern tiers of this world in the winter time.  I really wish more of the world was like the tropics, I'd probably be more inclined to visit them more often.  The funny thing is  that when I lived in this area for some 16 years, it didn't really bother me that much.  I guess that it is really a case of perception.  

     Age and treachery usually wins out over youth and enthusiasm, and with age comes stiffer joints and the warm really makes everything feel so much better.   No matter how you look at it today I'm really glad to be back home in Key West.   ;o)