Friday, April 14, 2017

Key West Hemingway Rum Company Coming Soon

     I stopped by the new Hemingway Rum Company Distillery, Museum, Retail Store and Tasting Bar yesterday, and the place is getting very close to the opening.   Things are coming along very fast now and the opening can't be to far away.  There isn't an exact date been set as of right now, but it will not be to much longer.

     Pack your bags for Key West…Papa’s Pilar Rum is getting ready to announce their grand opening date of the Hemingway Rum Co. Distillery & Experience Center! Be sure to sign up so you are the first to know - 

     The still is in place and all set up along with the laboratory, the aging racks and most everything else needed to start producing rum.

     They just about have the museum, retail store and tasting room done as well.  The place is very impressive and I know that once it opens you won't want to miss stopping by and seeing the place in full operation.