Thursday, October 13, 2011

Jack Terry Wins Rumologist Search and other Thursday Tidbits

Jack Terry,  bartender at Bagatelle was announced the winner of the Tommy Bahama Rumologist Search .     See the complete story of this three month competition at .        Congratulations to Jack Terry for his tremendous effort and I hope he enjoys his year in the limelight.
     Ron Centenario in conjunction with International Wine and Spirits has agreed to do 6 Rum Tastings in conjunction with Bahama Street Promotions of Key West.    The First of these will be held at The Rum Bar on Duval Street on November 4, 2011 from 1 til 5 pm.     There will be new cocktails that will be developed in this weeks Rum Lab especially for the Ron Centenario 7 Year Old Rum.     The best 5 will be featured at the tasting.    This rum is a combination of the expertise of blending and aging in oak to produce such a rum with such body, texture, color and taste.    This well balanced smooth rum will be a pleasure to work with in the Rum Lab tomorrow.

     My friends are having a great time in London tasting new rums from Diplomatico and other distilleries at the "Rum Frat House", along with the usual rowdiness that always ensues at these gatherings.    Looking forward to their return in order to sample some of these new spirits.    Have fun for the rest of  rum fun in London.

     I guess that is just about all of the news for today and Tomorrow is the Ron Centenario 7 Year Rum day in the Rum Lab.     See the results on Monday of our research on Friday.     ;o)