Saturday, May 5, 2018

Brugal Leyenda or Legend, is a Beautiful Expression

     This is a premium brown rum from the Dominican Republic, aged for 10 years first in former American Oak bourbon casks and then in Spanish Red Oak.   This world renowned company Brugal & Co. S.A. presents Ron Brugal Leyenda.   This creation is a tribute to Don Andres Brugal Montané, who founded the company and at the same time was the first Maestro Ronero.
     The super premium Leyenda is a Masterful combination of the best mature spirits of the House, and contains the spirit and the perfection of 127 years of company history. The new rum label bears the signature of Don Andrés.   Brugal Leyenda is created by a very extensive and exclusive process, first it is rested in once used American white oak bourbon barrels, and finally in Roteeichenfässern Sherry casks made of Spanish Red Oak.

    Brugal Leyenda has an intense reddish amber color with a unique character. The noble spirit shows a broad spectrum of aroma that includes honey and oak sherry.   The exquisite taste is fruity with notes of dates, figs and peaches and leaves a long, elegant and delicious finish.  The Rums has a suggested Retail Price of about $ 56.00.  It is quite hard to find in the US, but if you travel you will likely be able to locate it.