Friday, December 28, 2012

I've Put Another Year Behind Me!

     This is a day that I can look back and say WOW!!!   I've been to Cuba, Venezuela, Trinidad, Mexico, and Miami;  all of these destinations have offered something different to enlighten my life.   The world of rum has been good to me and I really have had a great time exploring it.  

     I get to start my life today by receiving a raise for my lifetime of working.  Our federal government, has made me fully vested and social security  eligible.   This is a welcome day, one at times I didn't feel like I would never see.     The level in time where I can work as hard as I want to and not be penalized for hard work by the social security system.  This is a wonderful thing.

    I feel very blessed for my wife, my health and ambition, being able to keep on doing all of the things that I so enjoy doing.  I get to live in Key West on a boat, work in a very cool bar on Duval Street, visit rum distilleries and very interesting places, act as a judge for rums and cocktails, all in the name of rum.   What a great run I am having.   I've gotten to have a cocktail in Havana along side the statue of Ernest Hemingway sitting in his favorite seat at the El Floridita, sip rum with my friend Tito Cordero at the Diplomatico hacienda, and create cocktails 5 days a week at the Rum Bar in Key West meeting new friends every day.

    The funny thing about "age" is you don't have to look back on the "good ole days" when they are today.    Thanks to every one who has touched my life, for you have made it very special.   I just keep look toward today to see where I'm going next.   ;o)