Saturday, October 7, 2017

Week Four, Debris is the Biggest Issue

Debris on Eaton Street
     As week complete week four post-Irma, the debris removal was the most noticeable activity.  Lots of trucks and scoop tractors are going from street to street removing the debris from the edges of the roads.  This has revealed sidewalks, parking spaces and other important items.  It also is allowing the cable TV and telephone people to get to their lines and begin restoring them to many homes that have been without for about a month.

Chunks of Broken Floating Docks

   Pieces of floating docks are being removed from the waterways around Key West and repair to the docking systems are being taken care of.  Hauling these old pieces of the docks is going to be a monumental task to remove them.

Shel Silverstein House in Key West
    As debris is removed it has revealed the damage to the late Shel  Silverstein's historic house.  There is a lot of damage that has been revealed at the downed trees are being removed.  Ernest Hemingway's House looks to have only suffered damage to the landscaping, from an outside view of the house driving by.

     More and more of the businesses are opening up and the ones that have been open for awhile are beginning to get busier.  More tourists are beginning to show up filling the hotels, restaurants, bars, and tour buses and trains.  All of these are signs of Key West coming out from under the mess caused by Irma.  I feel like in a few more weeks we will be getting a feeling of "normality" in our lives.

     Even up the keys where the damage was  horrendous, the are signs of recovery peaking their head up.  Still a long way to go, but progress can be seen.